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China home appliance brand 2018 World Cup marketing feast inventory

2018-07-17 Writer: H.C.C. Views: 1163

  On July 16th, the French team once again won the World Cup in 20 years. The 2018 World Cup ended in laughter and tears. Inside and outside the stadium, a World Cup marketing feast of Chinese home appliance brands also came to an end. According to the latest survey by market research company Zenith, the advertising expenses invested by enterprises in various countries during the 2018 World Cup totaled 2.4 billion US dollars. Among them, the advertising investment of Chinese brands reached 835 million US dollars, accounting for nearly 35%, ranking first in the world.

  The home appliance industry is also the main force of this World Cup sponsor, from the sponsor of the French team Vantage to sponsoring the Belgian team's Changhong, to the 2018 World Cup official sponsor Hisense, and signing the TCL endorsement of the TCL, the World Cup marketing is very colorful, then each What brand of the brand has gained in this marketing feast?


  Gambling wins France to win the title Vantage becomes a hot topic

  The French team won the championship. It is reasonable to say that the unofficial sponsor of the winner, Vantage, is a Chinese cooker brand that was originally unknown. However, it sponsored the French team and promised to “win the championship” and become a hot topic. It can be seen from the Baidu search index that Vantage search volume in the World Cup finals has reached dozens of times before the World Cup, which makes Vantage, which focuses on kitchen appliances, gain attention beyond the industry level, which is a win-win situation.

  However, the first wave of concern for Vantage was due to a sudden “distribution of distributors”. It was not known whether the French team could win the championship. Vantage had to face the question of whether it could be compensated. Vantage official repeatedly stressed that the total amount of online and offline refunds is about 79 million yuan, which will not have a negative impact on Vantage's performance. Compared with the sponsorship of the World Cup and the resulting brand influence is not worth mentioning. Indeed, in contrast, as the official sponsor of the Argentine team, Wanhe's World Cup marketing campaign is almost the same as that of Vantage. The promise of 50% off the Golden Boot is not unaffordable, but it has been dying in advance due to the poor performance of Argentina.

  The thing was originally happy after the French team won the refund process. The refund is not the cash, but the equivalent of the cat super card, Jingdong E card, Suning gift card and the US card, and the time of returning the card registration In just one week, these initiatives have also made consumers feel unhappy. However, from the perspective of the overall World Cup marketing results, Vantage is undoubtedly the big winner of this marketing event.

  Whether it is Vantage or TCL or Hisense, as a board supplier, we hope that they can have better results, only they have good performance to drive the performance of our material suppliers.


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