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What is the appropriate Tg value for double-sided PCB board selection?

2019-04-09 Writer: H.C.C. Views: 1166

  First of all, what is the Tg value on the PCB board?

  The substrate is melted from a solid state to a critical temperature point of the rubbery fluid, called the Tg point, ie, the melting point. How to choose the Tg value for the PCB board production? How much should we choose? Let's take the double-sided PCB board as an example!

  Tg is generally divided into three grades, ordinary Tg, medium Tg, high Tg, ordinary Tg value is generally 130, 140, medium Tg value is generally 150, high Tg value is generally above 170.

  In fact, the choice of the Tg value of the double-sided PCB board here is inseparable from the final product. Some products have low requirements on the Tg value, and some may require high requirements. This depends on what the product itself is used for. What is the main working environment? If it is only a general consumer electronic product, the general Tg can be satisfied if the temperature is not high.

  The higher the Tg point, the higher the temperature requirement of the sheet when pressed, and the pressed sheet will be harder and brittle, which will affect the quality of the mechanical drilling (if any) in the post-process and the electrical properties in use. characteristic. The Tg of the substrate is improved, and the characteristics such as heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and stability of the printed board are improved and improved. The higher the TG value, the better the temperature resistance of the sheet, especially in the lead-free tin-spraying process, the high Tg application is more.

  However, the higher the Tg value of the PCB board is relatively high cost, so do not blindly high Tg, find the Tg value suitable for the product itself.

  Regarding the Tg value, you can consult the PCB design or PCB board manufacturer, and you can give professional advice.

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