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What kind of PCB circuit board can work at temperatures above 100 degrees for a long time?

2018-09-18 Writer: H.C.C. Views: 1088

  PCB circuit board work environment is different, it requires different materials, some need to work in low temperature environment, and some need to work in high temperature environment, which requires PCB board material to choose the corresponding material according to the actual situation, today Let's talk about what kind of material should be used for PCB circuit in high temperature environment above 100 degrees.

  This question was asked by a customer from Lianyungang, Jiangsu. At first, it was asked whether our company's board is FR-4 or FR-5. Obviously it is a very professional person. Here, our board is mainly FR-4.

  The following is the customer asked about the board needs to work at 150 °C for a long time, can you meet the requirements?

  When it comes to temperature problems, here is the choice of the Tg value in the PCB board. First, the Tg value is used. The Tg value refers to the glass transition temperature of CORE. You can understand the softening temperature of the sheet. Graded, TG130 of TG130 in normal TG130, TG170 of high TG, the Tg value of FR-4 plate used at different temperatures is different, such as:

  130-140 degrees Celsius, you can use the Tg value of common FR-4 sheet

  At a temperature of around 170 degrees Celsius, this can use the Tg value of the FR-4 high temperature step. Generally, it will work at this temperature for a long time. The factory will recommend the Tg170 value for high stability.

  Tg value of polyimide material at a temperature of around 260 degrees Celsius

  Regarding the customer's long-term work at 150 °C, our engineers suggest that “the TG170 sheet, which is recommended for the stability of the product, can withstand high temperatures for 150 degrees for a long time”

  As for the thickness of the PCB, it is increased according to customer requirements, and the thickness can be processed.

  About what kind of material and Tg value the PCB board works at high temperature is introduced here. If you have any questions or don't understand, please contact us online customer service consultation!

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