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H.C.C Technology participated in the 2018 German Embedded Systems Exhibition

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The costs involved in making a printed circuit board are as follows:

  Process cost:

  Generally single-side spray tin: 0.035 yuan / square 

  Double-sided spray tin: thickness 1.25 or more is 0.45 yuan / square 

  1.2 below is 0.41 yuan / square 

  Double-sided gold plating thickness of 1.6 or more 0.48 yuan / square 

  1.6 below 0.45 yuan / square 

  Note that there are also tips here!

  PCB quotes have sample and batch board quotes

  Sample quotations are divided into common templates and allegro



  The main contents of the general formal board factory to quote are as follows:

  Single-sided engineering fee of 150 yuan + board fee of 0.04 yuan / square centimeter + film fee +0.05 yuan / square centimeter

  Double panel engineering fee 250 yuan + board fee 0.05 yuan / square centimeter + film fee +0.05 yuan / square centimeter.

  Four-layer board engineering cost 600 yuan + board fee 0.01 yuan / square centimeter + film fee +0.05 yuan / square centimeter.

  Depending on the difficulty of the board, some factories will also add a test fee. The test fee is generally 0.002 yuan / point

  The delivery time of Allegro is shorter. However, it will add one more emergency board on the basis of the ordinary board. The double-sided one-day expedited Shenzhen generally receives 200-400 yuan/model, and the four-tier three-day expedited is 600-1000 yuan/ Section. Six-day and three-day expedited is 800-1000 yuan / section

  Batch is divided into small batches and large batches

  The unit price of the small board is much higher than that of the large batch. For example, the double-sided 1.6MM board can be 450 yuan/square meter in large quantities. If the small batch is not 500 yuan/square or more, the PCB processing manufacturers will not I am happy to take orders.

  The price of the above printed circuit board is for reference only. The specific quotation still needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the manufacturer, or it is based on the fluctuation of the raw material price to determine the current market price.

  H.C.C is a PCB/PCBA manufacturer that supports 24-hour fast proofing

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