7-inch Industrial Android touch display intelligent terminal

H070R1W Series, for ARM A53An industry of architecture R&D and design Android touch display Smart terminal,Equipped with Android10.0 operating system,It is equipped with a 7-inch full-angle LCD screen and a capacitor touch screen to form a powerful human-computer interaction system. The product has a light and thin appearance, flat appearance, high overall fit, and convenient installation, which can be used in indoor and semi-outdoor environments.

Provide program customization

7 inch/10.1 inch/15 inch

Product advantages
 Equipped with R818/4-core 1.6GHz CPU
 Android 10.0 operating system, compatible with 99% industry application software, supports independent design APK Program installation
 The industrial-grade capacitor touch scheme is more resistant to dry and widely used in various complex industrial scenarios.
 Industrial embedded installation design, suitable for a variety of industries.
 Through CE/ROHS and other testing and certification, the product is stable and reliable.
Product advantages
Sensitive touch
 The industrial-grade capacitor touch scheme is more resistant to dry and widely used in various complex industrial scenarios.
 260,000 true color display, 1024*600 pixels
 5-point capacitor and single-point optional.
 350nit brightness
 10.1 size, screen ratio 16:9
 30000 hours LED backlight life
Sensitive touch
Multi-channel communication serial port
 Support multi-channel RS232, RS485, CAN and other different serial port communication to realize the exchange of communication with external devices.
 Support WIFI/4th generation/Ethernet and other networking methods can realize remote data transmission, upgrade and update.
 Hold out 1080P Language call, 2 million dual cameras
 Support voice playback and video playback.
 Multiple interfaces to meet the needs of various devices USB/MINI USB/TF/SIM card, etc.
Multi-channel communication serial port
Application Scenario
 Industrial embedded installation design, suitable for various industries
 System optional Android/Linux
 Provide shell frame customization
 Touch screen can be customized according to requirements.
Application Scenario

Product parameters

Core parametersDataExplain
CPUR8184-core A53 1.6GHz
Operating systemV10.0Android
Running memory1GB2*512MB, DDR4
Touch form5-point capacitor and single-point optional

Operating voltage and 


12V(Typical value)700mAThe smallest 8V, the largest 24V, recommended 12V 1A The above DC stabilized power supply
Screen parametersDataExplain
Screen size type7 inchesScreen ratio 16:9
Resolution1024*600 pixels260,000 colors
Backlight brightness350 nitThe brightness can be adjusted.
Backlight life (hours)30000HrsLED backlight
Perspective (CR>10)Full perspectivePanel type: IPS
Interface parametersDataExplain
Serial portDefault No.Serial port all the way:RS485Serial port 2, port number:ttyS2
Default No.Serial port: RS232Serial port0, port number:ttyS0
Default second serial port RS232Serial port3, port number:ttyS3
Maximum baud rate 115200
USBRoute 2 HOST, Route 1 OTGIf the USB camera is connected, it can support 200W d silk
Audio frequency1-channel mono MIC/bi channel HPO(3.5mmHeadphones), two mono channels SPK(4Rx3W)
TF Calorie1 roadThe biggest 64G
Ethernet1 road10/100M Adaptive network interface
WIFI1 roadIEEE 802.11Bb/G/n, 2.4G; *optional*
Blue tooth1 roadV4.0
4th generation ModuleAll Net com*optional*
CAN1 road,CANH, CANL*optional*

Environmental parameters


Working temperature 

test parameters

Storage temperature-30 ~ 80℃
Working temperature-20 ~ 70°C
Relative humidity10~90% RH
Reliability parametersEMCClass B,EN55032
ESDLevel 3

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