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Servo Motor Driver

Servo Motor Driver

Product advantages:Small size and high current

Main application areas : AGV logistics vehicle/Restaurant robot/Inspection robot

maximum short-time current : 60A

service : OEM / Servo Motor Driver PCBA

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  High Computing Speed

  .Adopting the latest microprocessor ARM-Cortex M4,

  the main frequency reach up to 168MHz

  .Using FOC vector control algorithm

  .The current loop operation frequency reach up to 50kHz

  Stronger Overloaded Performance

  .Maximum rated current: 20A

  .Maximum short-time current: 30A

  Better Control Performance

  .Low current harmonic

  .Low motor noise

  .Low motor heating

  The maximum revolving speed is 5000rpm,and response frequency is 1.2kHz

  Wider Range of Operating Ambient Temperature

  .Both driver and motor support-40~45℃ operating

  ambient temperature

  More Complete Control Mode

  .Supporting pulse input mode P+D/A+B/CW+CCW

  .Supporting analog speed/ torque mode

  .Supporting pulse/ analog hybrid mode

  .Supporting communication position/speed/torque mode

  .Supporting communication position/speed/torque hybrid mode

  Wider Range of Voltage Input

  .Supporting 16~70VDC voltage input

  Smaller Size

  .With smaller size compared to similar products on the market,

  but can support motor reach up to 2KW


    Application field

    AGV cra


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