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Have their own PCB circuit board production plant

Monthly production capacity of up to 40,000 square meters

Can produce 1-34 layers

Flexible circuit board, soft and hard bonding board, HDI board, thick copper board, aluminum substrate.....

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PCB boards are classified by process:

Multilayer board (HDI)

HDI is an abbreviation for High-Density interconnectors. It is a kind of technology that produces printed boards. It uses a micro-blind buried hole technology to provide a circuit board with a relatively high distribution density. High-end HDI boards are mainly used in 3G mobile phones, advanced digital video cameras, IC carrier boards, etc.

High-frequency board

For special circuit boards with higher electromagnetic frequencies, in general, high frequencies can be defined as frequencies above 1 GHz. Its physical properties, precision, and technical parameters are very high, and it is often used in automotive anti-collision systems, satellite systems, radio systems, and other fields.

Gold finger

The connecting finger is computer hardware such as: (between the memory module and the memory slot, the graphics card, and the graphics card slot, etc.), all signals are transmitted by the golden finger. The gold finger consists of a number of golden conductive contacts. Because the surface is gold-plated and the conductive contacts are arranged like fingers, they are called "golden fingers".

Thick copper plate

There is no exact definition of thick copper plates in the circuit board industry. Generally, the outer copper thickness ≥ 2oz is defined as a thick copper plate. Thick copper plates are mainly used in power supply products and are used when voltage and current are relatively high.

Metal substrate

The metal substrate is a metal circuit board material, which belongs to an electronic general-purpose component and is composed of a thermal conductive insulating layer, a metal plate and a metal foil, and is applied to various high-performance floppy disk drives, computer brushless DC motors, fully automatic camera motors, and some Military cutting-edge technology products.

Impedance board

A good laminated structure can control the characteristic impedance of the printed circuit board, and the starting line can form an easily controllable and predictable transmission line structure called an impedance board.

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