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Monitoring Equipment PCB

Product ID: 01-PCB-001
Product ID: 01-PCB-001

Product Name:Monitoring Equipment PCB
Layer: 4Layers
Material: FR-4
Copper Thickness:1 oz
Mini Hole:10mil
Mini Line Width/Spacing:5/4mil
Silkscreen: White
Surface Finish: ENIG
Boards Thickness:1.2mm
Impedance: No
H.C.C. International Limited is a professional PCB&PCBA manufacturer, supplying PCB Production, Components Purchasing, SMT and function testing for companies at home and abroad,is devoted to manufacturing high-precision double-sided multilayer printed circuit boards, and specializes in serving high-tech enterprises and research units at home and abroad.
H.C.C. International Limited was founded in 2004, we have our own PCB factory and PCBA factory,
having passed the ISO9001, IS013485,TS16949,UL(E332411)...... 
Our main market are Europe, North America, South America and other countries. Main products are used for Consumer Electronics, Medical Application, Industrial Control and Toys etc.

Our promise:
  • One stop service 
  • Reliable Source Channels
  • 100% New Original
  • Reasonable Price 

For more information on PCB board production and processing, please contact us.
Tel: 0755-86315155, 0755-86315116

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