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HCC GROUP, established in 2004, offers turnkey PCB assembly services, including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, components sourcing, functional testing, and IC programing. Quick turn prototype PCB assembly is also our specialty.

PCB assembly process introduction

Ⅰ Single-sided SMT placement

Add solder paste to the component pad, after the tin printing of the PCB board is completed, reflow soldering the electronic components, and then reflow soldering.

Ⅱ Single-sided DIP cartridge

The PCB board that needs to be plugged in by the production line workers inserts the wave soldering of the electronic components. After the welding is fixed, the foot cleaning can be done, but the wave soldering production has a lower efficiency.

Ⅲ Single-sided mixing

The PCB board is solder paste printed, and the electronic components are mounted and reflow soldered. After the quality inspection is completed, the DIP is inserted, and then the wave soldering or the hand soldering is performed. If there are fewer through-hole components, manual soldering is recommended. .

Ⅳ Single-sided placement and plug-in mixing

Some PCBs are double-sided rice, one side is mounted, and the other side is inserted. The process of placement and insertion is the same as that of the top surface, but the PCB is reflow soldering and wave soldering.

Ⅴ Double-sided SMT placement

In order to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the PCB, some PCB design engineers use a double-sided mounting method. Among them, the A side is arranged with components, and the B side is mounted with chip components. Make full use of PCB space to minimize PCB area.

Ⅵ Double-sided mixing

The two methods are mixed in the following two ways. The first method is to assemble the PCBA three times for heating, the efficiency is low, and the pass rate of the wave soldering using the red glue process is low. The second method is suitable for the case where there are many double-sided SMD components and there are few THT components, and manual soldering is recommended. Wave soldering is recommended if there are many THT components.

SMT placement parameters

PCB assembly main equipment display

  • PCB supply machine
    PCB supply machine
  • Wave soldering
    Wave soldering
  • High speed placement machine
    High speed placement machine
  • Reflow soldering
    Reflow soldering
  • Visual inspection machine
    Visual inspection machine
  • Solder paste printing machine
    Solder paste printing machine

PCB assembly model display

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