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H.C.C. INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. is a one-stop service provider of PCB production, SMT, component purchasing and functional test. Generally, we provide OEM services for PCB and assembly.

PCB assembly

H.C.C. Technology owns two production bases in Shenzhen and Zhuhai, 10 SMT production lines and 10 DIP production lines. It has advanced manufacturing equipment, leading technical level and excellent management team to provide customers with high quality SMT chip processing and DIP. Plug-in related PCBA foundry production services.

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Function test

H.C.C has experienced hardware and software engineers and professional testing equipment to ensure good product function. PCBA testing generally develops specific testing procedures according to customer's testing plan. PCBA testing generally includes five main forms: ICT testing, FCT testing, aging. Testing, fatigue testing, testing in harsh environments.

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Component purchasing

H.C.C. has a professional electronic component procurement team. The component procurement team has served large-scale electronic component suppliers. It has more than 20 years of component procurement experience, and H.C.C. has reached strategic cooperation agreements with many large electronic component manufacturers around the world. Can guarantee 100% original authentic and reasonable market price, to provide customers with low-cost and high-quality genuine components.

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